Solution Architect: Role & Responsibilities

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Going from paper trail to automated digital trail, which automated formerly manual processes and better defined their day-to-day operations, helped this business cover almost all issues they’re experiencing. If we were to take each application or service and analyze it separately, we could see that they usually run specific logic, thus managing data and information. Technical architecture is like analyzing and defining each brush stroke on the painting, an even deeper level of analysis than examining the parts of a painting. At this level, the architecture describes how a business’s infrastructural segments communicate and interact with each other, as well as what their purpose is and how they can provide business value. Understanding these high-level elements is essential to constructing a concrete solution.

solutions architect definition

It is essential for architects to keep their hands dirty with code and to stay sharp technically. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult roles in IT because you have to be able to understand both business requirements and technical aspects well. Your job as a solution architect is to design the best possible way to solve your client’s problem by designing a blueprint that meets their requirements while considering all technical factors.

Top 6 Challenges in Enterprise Application Development & Their Solutions

Usually, when someone mentions infrastructure architects, they refer to solutions architects with all the responsibilities that were described in the previous section of this article. The name “infrastructure architect” usually highlights the fact that this specialist designs and implements software solutions based on the current infrastructure of the customer’s business. It’s now clear that a solution architect’s main job is to find the best possible answers to technical problems. This means that established industry patterns and standards should be used when creating conceptual models. The detailed solutions are then shared with developing teams, often in the form of a solution architecture diagram or a written document. Since the IT world is changing at a dramatic pace, there has been a lack of consensus when it comes to defining the role of a solution architect.

solutions architect definition

For example, in the US, an expert can get between $142K – 238K yearly, whereas in Ukraine, a professional with the same qualifications can get between $68K – 90K per year. Moreover, the salary is also based on years of experience, technical skills, seniority, and soft skills as well. This specialist is responsible for making sure the future solution will perfectly fit all business requirements and end-user needs. They are the ones who oversee the successful implementation of the quality solution.

What skills do you need to be a solutions architect?

I always treat my customer, not just like another customer I ‘deal with’. Looking back at my most successful implementations, I had some level of a great friendship with that customer. I genuinely enjoy talking to them, and when we’re not actually talking, I do miss these people. Even outside of the discussion of products or projects that they’re working on, I miss everyone just for the sake of having a general conversation. And even in talks about the projects they’re working on in their careers, there will always be a topic about the products that we use. It can be 30 minutes, it can be 5 minutes; it’s just a conversation; a person talking to another person, and I gain a lot of respect from this kind of approach.

  • The software as service (SaaS) culture has transformed the digital landscape and often demands a system overhaul.
  • Solutions architects must be prepared to work with leaders, managers, and employees across every business unit.
  • To better understand the role of solution architecture in the context of software development, you first need to think about what a solution is.
  • In other words, architect duties are connected with integrating software and hardware.
  • A Solution Architect is a professional who designs and manages the implementation of a specific solution or set of solutions within an organization.
  • All three are integral elements when it comes to maximizing the value that a company can generate through the use of technology.

This person needs to ensure that the new solution fits into the existing enterprise architecture from technical, business, user, and other perspectives. An architect is responsible for translating the vision for the project to the development team and plays a pivotal part throughout the entire systems development lifecycle. When introducing a new product or system as part of an IT solution, solution architects make sure that it fits into existing information security practices. How the project complies with each regulation is formally documented at the beginning of a project. And when new solutions aren’t perfectly tailored to an enterprise, they yield unsatisfying results and create unwanted problems.

Solution architecture

Even though enterprise architects sometimes deal with technical questions, they delegate specific tasks to solution architects who then craft appropriate solutions. However, SA is not directly in charge of the execution process but makes sure that technical architects can successfully implement new IT solutions that are in line with all business requirements. While enterprise architecture focuses on strategy, solution architecture focuses on detailed planning. Thus, solution architecture translates technical business needs into practical IT solutions while establishing rules and instructions for proper implementation and delivery. It also considers all external factors that could have an impact on the development process.

To clarify this topic, it is necessary to define solution architecture. In the context of software development, an architecture represents both the structure of the future software product and the plan of building it in order to meet client’s requirements and solve their specific problem. This definition may seem vague and generic, but only because customers’ problems are different, so they demand different solutions, usually with a unique approach. Well, I started as an operations lead, where I was leading about 28 people doing daily tasks, managing around 15 customers on a daily basis.

What is an Enterprise Architect?

This process requires cross-team collaboration between networking, data storage, data processing pipelines, data security and many other disciplines. Looking for a way to build your skills and expertise as a solutions architect and add to your existing resume? Consider a course in software architecture to better familiarize yourself with the most common solution architectures. Or consider a specialization such as IBM’s for DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundations to learn some of the most popular concepts and methodologies for managing the development process. An IT solution architect is a professional in charge of developing a comprehensive architecture for a future software solution.

solutions architect definition

Technical architects work closely with the development teams and often work with other enterprise architects to ensure that their solutions meet larger business needs. A good and well-considered architecture is essential for the effective development of any software. The correct architectural solution makes it possible to scale the product at minimal cost and painlessly for an existing product and customers. Simply put, this is the foundation of the product on which the long-term success of any project depends. Solution architecture is oriented on specific business problems of the company and serves to achieve business goals.

What Is a Solutions Architect (and How Do I Become One)?

It also requires clear communication skills and the ability to translate technical details of the project into simple language that will be easy for non-technical stakeholders to understand. Successful solutions architects are usually curious, rational, analytical, and methodical—all of which are important traits for this job. A solution architect does not need to be a developer or a coder to do their job, but they do need to have some technical knowledge and skills. In general, solution architects design solutions that can be implemented by developers and coders. If you are interested in becoming a solution architect, it’s best to begin learning how to code so that you can understand what other development professionals are doing when they build your company’s products.

Software architects may also be engaged in the design of the architecture of the hardware environment. A solution architect is sometimes confused with enterprise architect and software architect. This is because their positions sound similar and the responsibilities overlap partially. Yet, each role is essential for a project’s success and cannot be substituted by another position. The implementation stage covers the entire process of software development, including writing specifications and quality assurance. At first, a software architect works with the tech team to elaborate on all possible options of how the idea can be made a reality.

Seniority level

These misconceptions come from a lot of architects doing a pretty bad job, and organizations doing a terrible job at understanding what an architect is for. It solutions architect definition is common to promote the top programmer into an architect role, but that is not right. The best programmer may often be, but is not always, an ideal architect.

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