Living With an Alcoholic Tips & Resources

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There are many support groups for the families and friends of alcoholics, such as Al-Anon and others. Many people do not feel joining groups or clubs will offer valuable assistance, but in your situation, a support group is a must. The most profound support comes from those who are going through the same thing you are. The very least you can learn from such groups is that you are not in this alone.

  • You can live your life, love and care for yourself, while still loving and supporting an alcoholic.
  • Building a support network can take time, but the efforts are worth the benefits of having the right people in your life for your sobriety journey.
  • In certain situations, the patient will leave after detox and continue their therapy on an out-patient basis, while some choose to remain for in-patient care.
  • Find at least one option that feels comfortable for you and gives you someone to turn to when you are struggling with your situation.

Contact a treatment provider to learn more about alcohol treatment and recovery options available nearby. Alcoholism affects everyone in a household — not just the individual who drinks. Alcohol abuse increases the risk of physical and emotional violence, as well as substance abuse in other family members. An addiction therapist can help you find positive ways to deal with the stress of living with a functional alcoholic. Functional alcoholics are often intelligent, hardworking and well-educated. Their professional status or personal success can make it hard to approach them about having a “problem” with alcohol.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a good first step.

An estimated 14.5 million Americans suffered from a diagnosable alcohol use disorder in 2019, and only 7.2 percent of these people received any kind of professional addiction treatment. Why do so few people end up receiving the professional help they need to successfully overcome alcohol use disorders? In most cases, it is either because they believe they can handle their drinking problems on their own or because they are unaware of the resources readily available to them.

When living with a sober alcoholic and supporting your loved one, be sure to take care of your own health as well. Counseling may help you approach the situation with more peace, as well. Caring for yourself can enable you to better support and encourage your loved one in their recovery and sobriety. Recovery can be a roller coaster of emotions for the sober alcoholic as they learn to live without depending on alcohol. Your loved one may face periods of intense emotions like anger or sadness as they learn to deal with their emotions in a healthy way.

Causes of Adjustment Disorders vs. PTSD

“The alcoholic wants to protect their addiction because it makes them feel good,” Marcu says. “They want to think they are in control.” That’s why many people resort to denial (“I don’t have a problem”), rationalisation (“I deserve to drink because I’m sad”) and manipulation of those Sober Sayings and Sober Quotes around them. If you have an adult alcoholic son who needs treatment, we can help. We provide sober living housing and life coaching for men struggling with alcoholism who need a way to put their addiction in the past and become responsible adults who are excited about life again.

  • If you think your parent might be struggling with an alcohol use disorder, there are several telltale signs and symptoms to keep an eye out for.
  • A high-functioning alcoholic may hide their alcohol abuse for years without suffering any major losses.
  • “Because relationships can create lots of stress and lots of emotional upheaval, repairing the relationship is critical to minimizing the emotional offset that can lead to a relapse,” Leonard said.
  • Gathering names and locations of treatment centers and specialists, determining what options they offer, and how long the programs last can take a huge burden off your son.
  • There can also be declines in their mental and overall health, especially if they’re not eating healthy diets or engaging in physical activity.
  • Your intentions may be good, but it takes more than willpower to avoid having a relapse.

If any area of your life is out of control, it will not help you maintain lasting sobriety. Consider reaching out to a vocational rehabilitation counselor or career coach to help you update your resume, practice job interview skills, and locate jobs that match your skills and experience. Financial troubles and problems finding and keeping employment are major triggers for relapse, but it is possible to take baby steps and get your finances in order.

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