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Key Issues: Our Vision for a Better Future

Our campaign focuses on three key issues that are critical to building a better future for our community and country. We are committed to ensuring access to quality education, affordable housing, and economic development opportunities for all. Join us in our efforts to make a positive impact on these important issues.


Norristown is in the second most wealthy county in Pennsylvania, but the wealth of the county is not distributed equally to every community.

Economic Development

At the heart of my campaign is the idea that change comes from empowering the people. My economic development strategy is no different ..


Increasing housing costs force many of our residents to choose between paying the rent and paying for food or health care.


Why I am the Right Choice for You

I understand that voting is a personal decision, but I am pleading with you to consider voting for me. As someone who deeply cares about the issues that affect our community, I am committed to bringing positive change and progress to our area. I believe that my values, skills, and experience make me the best candidate for the job, and I am dedicated to representing your interests with honesty and integrity.

Your vote is not just a vote for me, but a vote for the betterment of our community. With your support, I will work tirelessly to address the pressing issues that affect our daily lives, such as access to quality education, affordable housing, and economic opportunities. I promise to listen to your concerns, engage with you regularly, and work collaboratively with community members to find practical solutions to complex problems.

I am asking for your trust and your vote, and with your support, we can create a better future for us all. Thank you for considering my candidacy.


Our Political Representatives

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Monsi E. Rubin
Team Head
Hasana E. Rubin
Namsa E. Rubin