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It's Time for the 2nd to elevate.

At the heart of my campaign is the idea that change comes from empowering the people.

My economic development strategy is no different- it is community centered, rooted in the understanding that we are all interconnected, and that we cannot elevate as a community until we work together to improve it collectively.

Development is fueled by investment, so I will take bold action to make Norristown more attractive to investors that will aid the needs of our community. I will attack vacant and blighted property, throwing support behind revitalization projects, and advocate for the 2nd District to be a business improvement district (BID).

As a BID, the city would devote more resources to cleaning and securing our neighborhood, and our district’s businesses would receive more marketing/traffic.

In the 2nd District, we have a relatively decent business district, but there is still lots of room for growth and collaboration.


Why I am the Right Choice for You

I understand that voting is a personal decision, but I am pleading with you to consider voting for me. As someone who deeply cares about the issues that affect our community, I am committed to bringing positive change and progress to our area. I believe that my values, skills, and experience make me the best candidate for the job, and I am dedicated to representing your interests with honesty and integrity.

Your vote is not just a vote for me, but a vote for the betterment of our community. With your support, I will work tirelessly to address the pressing issues that affect our daily lives, such as access to quality education, affordable housing, and economic opportunities. I promise to listen to your concerns, engage with you regularly, and work collaboratively with community members to find practical solutions to complex problems.

I am asking for your trust and your vote, and with your support, we can create a better future for us all. Thank you for considering my candidacy.


Our Political Representatives

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Monsi E. Rubin
Team Head
Hasana E. Rubin
Namsa E. Rubin